Smart Port

 Iranian ports are not only the access ways to the Islamic Republic of Iran’s colossal markets, but are also considered as gateways to Eurasian, Central Asian, and Middle Eastern economies in their hinterlands. Located at the crossroad of East and west, Iran is determined to develop her role as a great contributor to facilitation of trade and boosting the economic development in Western Asia. In this sense, Islamic Republic of Iran is planning to renovate her ports and logistics systems to attract the global supply chains and render world-class services to them.

In this context, the ‘Smart Port’ concept is among the most eminent prospects for the Iranian ports as it serves the sustainability of port systems and it has the capacity to provide myriads of breakthrough improvements in the industry. Indeed in the end of 2010s, the creation of economic value is transforming thoroughly and this will lead to prominent changes in the ports and terminals industry. We strongly believe that it is time to transform our ports by reliance on intelligence and smart purposes.
The Iranian Smart Port Conference is organized to refine and domesticate the ‘Smart Port’ concept for further developments in Iranian ports, and to identify the systems, technologies, and professionals who are capable to contribute towards these developments in the national and international level. Iranian Smart Port Conference will be a great occasion to meet with the officials of PMO, Ministry of Roads and Urbanization, Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, as well as leading Iranian terminal operators, and ICT corporations. We invite the professionals and industry-leaders in the national and international level to join us in Tehran.

The importance for ports to become more data, and insight-driven the need for digitalization and Internet of Things

Ports are developing into Smart Ports, meaning developing solutions to address the current and future challenges.

  • A new way to absorb and relocate goods
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Template changes in port services
  • Increased competitiveness
  • Providing an intelligent information infrastructure in the port and reaping knowledge and wisdom from it
  • Boosting innovation to win the most possible with the least available resources
  • Developing agility in port in response to the changeful business environment
  • Optimal and maximal utilization of the existing capacities of the port
  • Optimal and futuristic design and development of the port capacity
  • Strengthening the sharing and collaboration of the port with her interested parties in order to increase the impact of the port in the supply chains
  • Integration of different Management areas to generate more value-added
  • Acting responsibly and intelligently towards the betterment of the environmental aspects and impacts of the port