Marco Politi

Marco Politi graduated cum laude in Electronic Engineering and Telecommunications and has a 30 years long experience in management roles in different companies.

Marco worked for 10 years in R&D departments of two major telecom equipment manufacturers (radio Links and mobile radio equipment) before joining a Venture Capital Fund specialized in investing in ICT and high tech start-ups. He is author or co-author in 14 IEEE technical papers and holds 4 technological patents.

After leading a 20MnEuro revenues VC Fund’s portfolio company active in outsourced Call Centre Services to EBITDA positive, he joined as Head of Business Development Electro Power Systems a start up designing and producing Hydrogen Fuel Cell based backup power systems developing the market in Europe, USA, China, and South East Asia.

In 2012 he joined 42MnEuro revenues architecture, engineering and ports business software applications supplier DBA Group as Vice President for Sales fostering its expansion into International Markets with special attention to the Balkan and Central Asia regions.

He has in particular been involved in ports related projects in processes definition/gap-analysis, process optimisation, processes digitization, capacity building and complete web based software solutions developments in ports like Trieste (Italy), Bar (Montenegro) and Baku (Azerbaijan).

 Norbert Klettner
 Norbert Klettner:Senior Consultant Ports and Terminal Logistics

Managing Director RBS, EMEA Office,Project Director, Senior Business,Process, Consultant,Trainer / Coach, Ports and Terminal Process Expert, ISL Applications CHESSCON Partner since 2012


2003 – 2008: Consultant at EUROGATE

2008 – 2012: Senior Consultant and Project Manager at akquinet for port and terminals implementations (PCS, TOS)

2009 – Today: Managing Director at RBS EMEA Office in Hamburg

2012 – Today: Managing Director at akquinet business consulting – ports and terminal logistics

   Degree:Master in Economics and Computer Science
Certified Project Management Associate – IPMA

Expertise in:Ports and Container Terminal Systems and Operational Processes (PCS, TOS and simulation),Analysing and optimizing of business processes,

Process innovation and digitization,Organization of new Structures and Procedures,Training and coaching

Publications: Biethahn, J.; Meier, L.H.; Klettner, N.: Agents in Port Logistics. In: Küfer, K.; Rommelfanger, H.; Tammer, Ch. and Winkler, K.: Multicriteria Decision Making and Fuzzy Systems. Theory, Methods and Applications.

Project / Customer: Rhenus Midgard Hamburg, TIS – Terminal Group, CNMP – Le Havre, Lomé Container Terminal – BTP Santos – TOPS Implementation SMELTE – TOPS Implementations, FOS2XL – TOPS Implementation,SCCT – Suez Canal Container Terminal, dbh IT Logistics AG, SCCT – Suez Canal Container Terminal, TopX / Eurogate, TOPS / SCCT (Suez Canal Container Terminals S.A.), EUROGATE
 Gert Willems
 Gert Willems is founder, Director and Managing Partner of Port & Terminal Solutions. With more than two decades of Ports and Terminals experience, Mr Willems has developed a solid experience in assessing, implementing and managing Ports, as well as purveying all services related, such as software management, product development and equipment procurement.Under his management terminals all over the world have seen their procedures optimized and their efficiency significantly improved.

Gert Willems's international practice includes work for C. Steinweg Sohar (Oman), GPHA Tema Port (Ghana), GPHA Takoraki Port (Ghana), Port of Duqm Company (Oman),  Borouge Ruwais (United Arab Emirates), Mogadishu Port (Somalia), Terminal Tarik (Morocco), Terminal Est (Morocco), Sompasaari Terminal (Finland), West Harbour Terminal (Finland), Turku Terminal (Finland), Mussalo-Kotka Terminal (Finland), Oslo Container Terminal (Norway), Kotka Container Terminal (Finland), Vuosaari Terminal (Finland), Port of Djibouti (Djibouti), Port of Buenaventura (Colombia), Salerno Container Terminal (Italy), Grupo Libra T37 (Brasil), Grupo Libra T1 (Brasil), International Container Terminal Services (Philippenes), Bandar Abbas Container Terminal (Iran) amongst some other ports which have benefited from his personal strategic planning and design capabilities.

Mr Willems has studied in Belgium and holds a Master of Science in Industrial Engineering and a Postgraduate Master in Scientific Computer Applications.

 Gerhard L. Fischer

 Gerhard L. Fischer graduated in 1987 with a Dipl.-Ing. (FH) degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Applied Science, Munich, Germany. He visited Arizona State University, USA on a Fulbright exchange grant and in 1990 joined Siemens AG in Erlangen, Germany to develop high frequency and large-power converters. In 1995 he changed to sales/marketing of variable speed drives followed in 1996 by a posting in Siemens´ Centre of Competence in Singapore to support the build-up of an regional sales network. 1998 he moved to Taiwan to coordinate Siemens‘ East Asian crane business. In 2002 he went back to Germany working with
Siemens AG in Erlangen for sales and marketing of crane control systems. 2004 thru 2008 he worked with Siemens crane systems head office in The Hague, Netherlands in a business development function for harbour cranes. Since 2008 he is with Siemens AG, Process Industry and Drives, Large Drives, Cranes business segment in Erlangen/Germany as head of sales. He is member of IEEE Industry Applications Society, the VDI working group B1 for cranes, the VDE DKE working group for hoisting systems and vice-chairman of the PEMA committee for equipment design and infrastructure.
 Jake Jung-Taek Kim
 Jake Jung-Taek Kim currently serves as a global senior sales engineer for CyberLogitec, Singapore. Previously, he has served as a system engineer for 8 years and also served as a project manager and project leader in various terminal operating system implementation projects in Asia, Europe and America which include; TTI Spain, US, Indonesia Pelindo 2 Jakarta and Pontianak. Now he is deeply involved in strategic alliance, system proposal, terminal operating and process automation solution sales and media marketing


 Port and terminal IT systems, Terminal process automation, Strategic alliance, Software and Systems Deployment

Sr. Sales Engineer, Strategic Planning at CyberLogitec

 Project Manager, OPUS-Terminal TOS implementation service at CyberLogitec

Project Leader, TOS implementation at CyberLogitec

 Project Manager/Leader, Infra System Implementation at Cyberlogitec  

 Luca Abatello

 Luca Abatello is Owner and CEO at Circle srl, consulting company with a focus on the optimization of processes with reference to ports, inland ports and intermodal transport field. He is also Chairman at Log@Sea, the Enterprise Network made by Circle and IB Group, which offers specific, integrated and interoperable IT solutions in Logistics, Marine and Port scenarios.

Mr Abatello has a strong expertise in the management of projects in the Transport field and European Projects: with a degree in Economics at University of Genoa, a Master’s Degree at SDA Bocconi and an experience (from 2002) as Board of Directors member and Head of Business Solutions at a big group inside ICT field, starting from 2007 he takes part to important European Projects regarding process consulting, R&D, technological innovation. He was Technical Project Leader for EU Project Tiger Genoa Fast Corridor and Technical Leader for EU Pilot Project ChemLog Tracking and Tracing; he takes part to EU Projects MIELE, Tiger Demo, Chemlog T&T, TrainMoS, WiderMos. Circle’s main innovative solution is MILOS (Making Intermodal Logistics Optimization Simple) framework: with its modules MILOS allows to manage the global door-to-door freight transport and the information exchange between the actors involved in the supply chain, thanks also to digitalization of the information flow, and to integrate the rail and truck operations,it allows to manage and optimize the container Tracking and Tracing and to guarantee the security of the goods, using also RFID e-Seals and GPS technology.

 Coll MacDougall Hunter
 Coll MacDougall Hunter was trained as an economist.

After ten years re-organizing transport in Africa, he joined the United Nations Conference on Trade & Development (UNCTAD) in 1978 and for 27 years specialised in modernising transport systems, also assisting in famine aid/disaster relief. He then created the Advance Cargo Information System (ACIS) which, in 2004, managed 22 African & Asian railways and was the first system ever to give shippers access to the whereabouts of their cargoes world-wide over Internet.

Mid-90’s PSO adopted the ACIS PortTracker system in Bandar Abbas and developed it further since.

After retirement from the UN he set up his own company, Hunter Global Tracking, to provide top quality intelligent cable-free tracking devices for the transport and logistics industry.
 Yashar Ghiassi-Farrokhfal
 Yashar Ghiassi-Farrokhfal received his B.Sc. and M.Sc., respectively, from AmirKabir University of Tech. and Sharif University of Tech. Then, he moved to Canada and obtained his Ph.D. from University of Toronto in Electrical and computer Engineering. After his PhD, he was a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Waterloo, Canada. In 2015, he moved to the Netherlands and joined Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, where he has been an Assistant Professor ever since. Dr. Ghiassi-Farrokhfal has been actively involved in many academic and industrial energy-related projects such as renewable energy, storage devices, demand response, smart buildings, gas/heat/electricity coupling, microgrids, energy finance, and electricity markets. He is also leading several projects with the smart port of Rotterdam.
 Mohammad Jaberi  Mohammad Jaberi has over 20 year experience in various parts of telecommunication, predominantly in wireless networks and new technologies. He holds a bachelor’s degree in telecommunication engineering from ICT Faculty (Under ICT Ministry) and an MS of Industrial Engineering.

Mohammad Jaberi is former technical manager of MCI (Mobile Communication Company of Iran). He is now CEO of ESM  more than 400 permanent staff. Further more he is the Chairman of Kaizen Institute.

He believes that applications of the Internet of  Things in this interconnected world of Industry 4.0 are gaining ground all over the world and that’s why he has set the ESM strategy for IoT solutions since 2014.

Behzad Behdani


  Behzad Behdani is an assistant Professor in Logistics and Operations Research at Wageningen University and a senior researcher of Port-hinterland Logistics at Delft Technology University. He has been involved in several projects (including Cargo-driven Intermodal Transportation and Synchromodal Port Logistics) which aimed at improving the port operation and port hinterland logistics in the Port of Rotterdam. 

 Behdani is currently managing project EURECA (Effective Use of Reefer Containers for conditioned products through the Port of Rotterdam). He is also involved in Trans-SONIC (Transport Self Organization through Network Integration and Collaboration) project which aims at developing a self-organizing intelligent transport network – which is a main enabler for the Physical Internet - in Port of Rotterdam. He is also managing the Work Package 2 in project i-Flow (Intelligent Flowers & Plants Pricing and Logistics) in which a team of high-profile researchers investigates innovative IT solutions to re-structure the commercial processes and logistics processes of the daily trade in the Dutch floricultural supply chains.


Santi Maurizio 

 Santi Maurizio Grasso graduated in 1991 cum Laude in Electronic Engineering at the Polytechnic of Turin.

From 2002 to today he has been working in DAB Sistemi Integrati s.r.l. as Commercial Director.

He is an expert of security in complex environments like Ports, Airports, Cities, Military Bases, Government Buildings, Railways, Electrical facilities, Oil & gas facilities, etc.

His experience cover security assessment, design, and implementation of integrated security systems.

Since 2012 he led the start-up of the GALASSIA Global PSIM Solution platform for Supervision & Control of integrated Safety, Security & Communication Systems as well he started the internationalization process of DABsi in North Africa and the Middle East.

Previously (1997 to 2002) he was Sales & Technical Director of a company specialized in software development & system integration, while from 1992 to 1997 he was Project Manager in the Italian Research Center for Telecommunications from Telecom Italia.